About us

We serve according to Christian values, being a non-profit and non-governmental (NGO) institution that helps people who come to us and their relatives.

Our services and social programs are accredited, in accordance with quality and legal requirements.

Our beneficiaries range from people who need care at home, to elderly people in need of institutional care, to people with disabilities, to children in socially disadvantaged families.



Our brief history

The first branch of the Romanian Reformed Church’s charity service was founded in 1992 in Cluj Napoca. Other branches have been opened over the years in Târgu Mures, Reghin, Sfântu Gheorghe, Oradea, Zalău, Satu Mare, Odorheiu Secuiesc and Brașov.

The Oradea Branch of the Diakonia Christian Foundation started its activities in Oradea in March 2013 and has expanded both geographically and in terms of the number of programs. We now provide social services in four large areas, in five settlements and two counties.

The year we were founded
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Hours in the field with the elderly / month
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Active Social Programme


The Oradea Branch of the Diakonia Foundation was founded by the Reformed Diocese of Királyhágómellék. Its President is  Ghitea Szabó József Leventére, a Reformed pastor and missionary lecturer. Our small Board of Trustees and the large Board of Trustees of the Diakonia Coordination Office in Cluj-Napoca make strategic decisions in cooperation with each other. One of our most important and first sponsors is the Swiss HEKS Foundation.

The Foundation is managed by Managing Director Dénes Éva, who coordinates all activities, implements the decisions of the Board of Trustees and compiles the activity reports.

All the Foundation’s programs and social services are managed from the central office in Oradea. The managers in charge of the workpoints and programs carry out the day-to-day work under the direction of the office in Oradea.


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